The Ice Cream Addict Says “Hello!”


“Yes, I have a problem”

Addict, (ad dict), noun, a person who is addicted to a particular substance, typically an illegal drug.  Yep, this is me.  I am an addict, and proud.  There are things I love in this world that go without saying (my wife and kids, my dogs, my family, etc.)  That said, when it comes to one food, like the one thing you would always want on a deserted island?  Yeah, ice cream.  Man do I love me some ICE CREAM.  I mean seriously, I have a problem.

To put it in perspective, I am often asked why I CrossFit; my stock answer, “So I can eat Ice Cream!”  It is that simple folks.  I am not an ice cream snob either.  It does not matter if it is gourmet, generic, homemade, local, farm to table, Ben & Jerry’s, Friendly’s, Blue Bell or Blue Bunny, if it is Ice Cream, I will eat it.  I often think about Jim Carrey’s character in Dumb and Dumber… “I like it aaaaaa lot!”  I think I ate ice cream every day this summer.  I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Now, I don’t gorge myself.  I half a cup, sometimes a scoop and a cone, sometimes a full cup, and other times just a taste…”to wet my beak”!!!!!

Oh, did I mention I am a Type I diabetic?  No?  Yeah, we all have our crosses to bear, and mine is Juvenile Diabetes.  Since I am 14.  I guess I eat ice cream as a way of saying “EFF You” to the system.  While I probably shouldn’t have it, I am grateful for the Carb measurements on the side of the box to help me calculate the correct amount on insulin.  Small victories I guess.

So what is this blog going to be about?  Ice Cream of course! There will be evaluations of brands and flavors, and write-ups on Ice Cream parlors that I visit. (Parlors?  Do they even call them that any longer?)  If there are places, flavors and brands that I should try, email me.  I travel a lot, so you will get to see write-ups from the likes of San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, New York City and my home town of Philly.  This blog won’t be for the faint of heart.  My sis and I cuss like sailors.  I am shocked that I haven’t dropped 5 or 6 F-Bombs already.  Think the attitude of “Thug Kitchen” and the love of Ice Cream when you read.

I won’t be posting every day, but I will post often.  Happy reading!  I hope you enjoy it.